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Job Opportunity: Discovery Call Representative (Sales)
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(Application form can be found at the bottom of this page)


Want to join a team of fast-paced talented spiritual innovators on a mission to accelerate the shift in consciousness on the planet? 

Elastic Perception is the industry leader in the field of Astral Projection with the most successful training program in the world.

We are helping thousands of everyday people across the globe to become conscious Astral projectors able to explore the multiverse and expand the planetary consciousness.


What You'll Do

  • Everyday you will be having conversations with people who are interested in learning Astral Projection.

  • You will be following a proven script designed to uncover the prospect’s true reason for wanting to learn Astral Projection, and helping them to understand if it is the right path for them.

  • Your job will be to listen carefully to understand their problem and their current situation, guide them in painting a vision for their future and to help them understand how our program can help them achieve their vision, and ultimately closing the sale on the phone.

  • You will NOT be doing any cold calling, you will only be talking with warm and hot leads.

  • You will NOT be doing any outbound prospecting or marketing. You will be focussed 100% on closing the leads we bring to you.


Who You Are


  • You must have sales experience and a past record of successfully closing deals

  • You must have an interest in spirituality and an open-mind toward unusual spiritual ideas. Preferably you already have some interest in Astral Projection or Out-of-Body Experience.

  • You must be a POSITIVE PERSON.

  • You must be LOYAL.

  • You must be LIKEABLE and AUTHENTIC. Do people like you without you trying too hard? Can you be yourself easily? (You CANNOT be pushy. If so, please don't apply.)

  • You have reliable phone and internet access on a daily basis.

  • You must be METHODICAL - if you don't like routine, and you don't like details, this is NOT the position for you. You will be doing the SAME THING every day. Each call presents its own challenges, but you must be comfortable sticking to the ROUTINE and SCRIPT.

  • You must LOVE the enrolment process, listening to a person’s story on the phone and discovering if they are the type of person we can help, and in general - helping people and talking to people. If this is not NOT apply!

  • You must be COACHABLE. If you think you're ALREADY a superstar and don’t know how to take constructive critique, this is NOT a position for you. So, if you're not open to GROWTH, DO NOT apply.

  • You must have tremendous INTEGRITY. That means being able to say NO when someone is not a good fit for our program, even if this means you are losing possible commission. Doing the right thing for our business and our clients HAS TO be MORE important to you than making a sale (and actually leads to *more sales* in the future, anyways!)

  • You must be looking for a LONG-term commitment, working with and for us. If you are trying to fill your time in between gigs, or while building your own business, DO NOT apply!

  • This is a lucrative, COMMISSION ONLY position. If this doesn’t work for you, please don’t apply.


What You'll Get

  • The opportunity to work with a talented team on a powerful mission.

  • Between €5k to €20k per month in commissions.

  • FREE access to all our training programs and unlimited one-on-one coaching to learn Astral Projection.

  • Full training in the art and science of sales and closing.

  • FREE Unlimited books and audiobooks on the topic of sales and spirituality, and a FREE membership to Audible, all paid for by the company.​​

If this sounds like the perfect job for you and you are as excited about this opportunity as we are, then please fill out the application below and we look forward to meeting you and talking with you further!



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