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Cassidy Dehil
"I feel that coaching really adds personalization. If you were to try learning it on your own by watching Youtube videos or reading books, you don't really know what you're doing right or what you're doing wrong"
Linda Stelluti
"I didn't know where to start to learn Astral projection and I wanted to just find the best program and the right information, without wasting my time looking around online"
Sergio Cantone
"There is not that much systematic information out there on how to do Astral Projection, and when you watch Youtube videos you don't know if what you are doing is right or wrong, and since I wanted to do it fast,  coaching was the most natural way for me"
Mike Davies
"I was reading about it online for a while but felt it was too abstract to learn it on my own. But I set the intention that if I met the right person who could coach me, I would go for it seriously. Because it's much more appealing to me to learn from someone who has actually been there and done it, instead of reading about it"
In this video, you will see Florentin Ionita explaining in great detail what Astral Protection is and how you learn it, to benefit your life and spiritual growth.

Florentin is not only an experienced Astral traveler and mentor but also an ex Hollywood Visual Effects Filmmaker, who has used his creativity and technical skills to create the world's most successful Astral Projection System.

Watch the top video to learn all about how you can start having Out of body experiences at will. 

If you feel that this opportunity came to you for a reason then, please


"FREE Astral Projection Training Video Reveals"
• What Astral Projection Is And
  What The Benefits Are
• The 6  Factors That Determine
  Your Astral Projection Success
• How To Learn This Skill The Fastest
  And Most Efficient Way
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